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12-13m Coach, XMQ6126Y/6126K

 12-13m Coach, XMQ6126Y/6126K

The XMQ6126K series coach uses four types of chassis for you to choose from, including Iveco Delta 16.260.12 E4 chassis, MAN 18.290 E5 chassis, HINO chassis RN8JSKA, and MAN 18.360 E5 chassis. All of the four types of chassis feature high performance, smooth running and a long lifespan. The four coach models are equipped with a King Long roof-mounted non-independent air conditioner, K01 type baggage rack (no cover plate), and MP3 audio player.

Technical Specifications
Model XMQ6126K1 XMQ6126K2 XMQ6126K3 XMQ6126K4
Direction RHD
Length* Width* Height (mm) 12480×2490×3700 (With air conditioner) 12480×2490×3700 (With air conditioner) 12365×2490×3700 (With air conditioner) 12490×2490×3632 (With air conditioner)
Wheelbase (mm) 6200 6050 6200 6290
Front overhang/rear overhang 2700/3400 2800/3630 2625/3540 2800/3400
Seating arrangement 53+1+1
Chassis Procured Iveco Delta 16.260.12 E4 chassis MAN 18.290 E5 chassis HINO chassis RN8JSKA MAN 18.360 E5 chassis
Door & Window
Doors Aluminum, remote control, out-swing doors
Side Windows Privacy glasses in side windows (with inner folding small window on enclosed portion)
Driver Leather adjustable damping suspension driver seat
Passenger Made in China
Air Conditioner
Type King Long roof-mounted non-independent air conditioner
Type No heater, with independent defrosting device
Type Wide vision electric rear view mirror (with defroster)
Other Standard Equipment
K01 type baggage rack (no cover plate), common paint, MP3 audio player

King Long is a professional coach manufacturer based in China. We also offer police van, public transit bus, forest fire van, airport bus, and more.

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