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8-9m Coach, XMQ6901AY/XMQ6871CY/XMQ6821CY

8-9m Coach, XMQ6901AY/XMQ6871CY/XMQ6821CY
  • This coach is designed to deliver the highest elegance as well as utility. The top-mounted air conditioner is integrated to the car body to reduce the wind resistance and enhance the elegance. The headlamps and decorative lamps, crafted with great care, are exquisite and attractive at once. The full-screen front windshield is concise and elegant.
  • This coach bus is equipped with a through luggage compartment whose door has wide opening angles.
  • Deluxe instrument desk features brilliant design, great accessibility, easy operations and complete functions.
  • High backrest passenger chairs are used to bring passengers a comfortable ride.
Technical Specifications
Model XMQ6901AY XMQ6871CY XMQ6821CY
Technical Parameters
Body structure Semi monocoque Monocoque
Length×Width×Height (mm) 8995×2500×3395 8745×2500×3395 8210×2500×3375
Maximum speed(km/h) 110 >100
Gradeability(%) >30%
Passenger seats and driver seat 39+1+1 37+1+1 35+1+1
Maximum passenger capacity 41 39 37
Fuel tank capacity (L) 260
Engine(Hp) 245
Transmission Manual transmission
Suspension system 2 front and 4 rear air suspensions
Front Axles(T) 4.5T 4.2T
Rear Axles(T) 9.5T 8.5T
Steering system power steering
Tire 10R22.5 9R22.5
Doors Full aluminum remote control swing-out door
Side windows Tempered glass
Driver seat Adjustable pneumatic damping driver seat
Passenger seats Adjustable high backrest passenger seat
Mirror type Wide angle electronic rearview mirror (with defrosting function)
Other Configurations
Air conditioner 24000kcal/h 22000kcal/h 21000kcal/h
22000kcal/h 24000kcal/h 18000kcal/h
Heating and defrosting states Engine waste heat defrosting
Independent water heating and forced cooling
Electrical instrument Bus
Fieldbus instrument
Player HD player
MP3 player
DVD player
Automobile data recorder
Middle door and back-up monitor
Lifting device (for air spring) NA
New Technology
On-board computer NA
360 panoramic view
Notes: ● Standard; ◎Optional
Specific models and technical specifications are subject to the actual vehicle configuration. King Long reserves the right to change pictures and parameters and the right of final interpretation.
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