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Kingwin Series Van

    1. Kingwin Van Stylish, streamlined appearance, abundant horsepower, optimized configuration and energy efficiency enable the van to be widely used in ... More
    1. Kingwin Ambulance Van In light of the features of first aid and makeshift operation by paramedics, the ambulance is provided with scientific and rational aid space, stretcher. More
    1. Kingwin EV-Cargo Van Kingwin EV, with updated style, chromeplated trimming and front-position LED lamps, is more stylish. More
    1. Kingwin CNG Van With gas cylinder seal and ventilation structure design, Kingwin CNG is safer in isolation and leakage control. More
    1. Kingwin Chiller Van King Long Chiller & Freezer Van can maintain a temperature range of -18℃ to 18℃, ideal for transporting a range of products either chilled or frozen. More
    1. Kingwin Cargo Van Kingwin cargo van design scientific layout space, cargo capacity can reach more than 7.5m2, for you to create more value. More
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