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    1. Negative Pressure Ambulance Series A negative pressure ambulance is an ambulance with special enhancements to help safely treat and transport patients with infectious diseases More
    1. Large Capacity Negative Pressure Transfer Vehicle King Long high capacity negative pressure transfer vehicle is designed as a isolation ward for the patients... More
    1. Holistic Health Bus The Holistic Health Bus is equipped with a cabin auto-spraying system. This automatic spraying can be made in all directions by using the fixed sprinkler. More
    1. Mobile Hospital Many hospitals are reducing the visit frequency of inpatient and outpatient. More
    1. King Long Refrigerated Lorry Refrigerated transport of vaccine, blood and drugs is an important logistical support during any special period. More
    1. King Long Smart Workstation King Long Smart Workstation is a comprehensive management platform for entrance and exit safety, consisting of intelligent detection area and automatic spraying area. More
    1. Airport Shuttle Bus The length, width and height of the airportbus XMQ6140ABD4 is 13835mm, 3070mm and 3200mm respectively. With so grand a volume...
      Seats: 110
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