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King Long Refrigerated Lorry

Professional refrigeration to retain freshness all the way
King Long Refrigerated Lorry

Refrigerated transport of vaccine, blood and drugs is an important logistical support during any special period. The King Long refrigerated lorry adopts non-independent refrigerating units that can achieve quick refrigeration. The compartment is made of single-side FRP materials, which provides large interior space and reinforce the lorry’s attractive appearance and firmness. A 5-gear transmission system can ensure high-efficient transportation and suit for various transportation, thus meeting the demands of different markets.

  • Stretcher-type Negative Pressure Isolation Cabin

    The floor covering is made of high-strength and wear resistant non-slip aluminum plates, which can meet the needs of mechanized handling.

  • Safe and Isolated Treatment Area

    The ceiling lamp in the central control rear compartment is designed with a switch button, which offers convenience to the driver.

  • Independent Cab and Medical Cabin

    Drain holes are designed in the compartment to drain out the accumulated water, which can keep the compartment clean.

  • People-oriented Specialized Facility

    The compartment is made of FRP materials and high-density polyurethane insulation materials with even density and stable insulation performance. The entire lorry is of a lightweight design. The loading space is about 6m³, and the interior space is about 3166X1362X1335mm.

  • Negative Pressure Ambulance

    The air conditioning and refrigeration system of the entire lorry adopts the technology of two compressors and two control switches, which can be controlled individually to ensure high efficiency and stability of the dual system, which can save the transportation cost.

  • Negative Pressure Ambulance

    Alarm devices are provided in the refrigeration compartment and at the central partition to ensure personnel safety by preventing inadvertent locking.

  • Negative Pressure Ambulance

    The refrigerated lorry is of double-door design. The refrigeration compartment is provided with a single door as the standard configuration, and combined sealing joint strips to achieve multi-layer protection, which can ensure good sealing performance of the compartment.

  • Negative Pressure Ambulance

    High-quality homemade refrigerating units that have strong and efficient refrigeration capacity are adopted as the standard configuration of the refrigerated lorry. In addition, there are imported refrigerating units as options to meet the diversified demands of the customers. The temperature can be adjusted within a wide range of -20°C-12°C, which is more flexible and practical.

  • Negative Pressure Ambulance

    The refrigeration air-conditioner is provided with a control panel, so that the driver can regulate the temperature in the refrigeration compartment to ensure that the goods can be delivered in a fresh condition.

  • With freezing and refrigerating technology, the King Long refrigerated lorry can be used for daily transportation of blood, drugs, vaccines and other medical supplies to ensure the product quality.

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