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7m Electric Bus, XMQ6706G EV

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

 7m Electric Bus, XMQ6706G EV

XMQ6706G is a pure electric bus specially designed for city transport and urban-rural passenger transport. There are front and rear double-door and single-door models available. Light and flexible body with length of 7m enables the vehicle to drive easily on flat and narrow community streets and bumpy urban and rural roads or whatever.

With reasonable layout of interior space, XMQ6706G electric bus can meet the demands for passenger transport in the market; upgraded layout of gear-shifting zone facilitates gear shifting; dual rear-tire design enhances safety and carrying capacity; the design of pneumatic inward folding door in front and rear double doors has improved boarding efficiency.

XMQ6706G pure electric bus has been upgraded and optimized in multiple aspects such as battery energy storage, service life, carrying capacity and energy management system, helping you create wider operation prospects. In quick-charging mode, the battery can be fully charged in 2 hours, facilitating operation. CATL energy storage battery with superior performance and ultra-long service life enables vehicles to have longer endurance mileage. ECO-Chip new-energy management system provides more intelligent and efficient management of new-energy passenger vehicles.

Technical Specifications of 7m 10-23 Seat Electric Bus
Seating arrangement 10-23
Length(mm) 7000
Width(mm) 2050
Height(mm) 2670, 2810, 2890
Maximum speed(km/h) 69
Maximum climbing degree(%) ≥12
Fuel type EV
Motor type PMSM
Rated power/Peak power 115/150
Energy storage device type LFP Battery