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8m Electric Bus, XMQ6802G EV

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

 8m Electric Bus, XMQ6802G EV

Brand-new XMQ6802G EV minibus series boasts flexible and diversified models plus four power platforms, providing more options for your operation. With improvements and updates in styles of complete vehicles, passenger space and maintenance, "City Light" minibus is of more attractive appearance and more comfortable driving and convenient maintenance, adding a beautiful landscape for cities.

New-energy solution of King Long passenger vehicle brings new changes to urban life with technical innovation. XMQ6802G EV electric bus with Eco-chip new-energy management system redefines efficient operation for you and provides different travel experience for the general public in safety, reliability and intelligence. Perfect integration between excellent travel experience and harmonious nature lights up every corner of the city.

King Long has invested a lot in building a first-rate new-energy passenger vehicle technology test center in China and adopts the electrically controlled system V R&D mode in line with international standards, carrying out independent R&D from five technical cores of new-energy passenger vehicles, such as engine system, power battery system, motor drive system, electric accessory system and vehicle control system. The equipped ECO-chip new-energy management system has established 5D value system, making management of new-energy passenger vehicles more convenient, intelligent and efficient.

After human-machine engineering optimization, driver zone of King Long "City Light" electric bus series has more reasonable layout. Optimized arrangement of large-section instrument panel and rocker switch has greatly improved drivers' operation convenience and reduced their work load effectively, providing pleasant and convenient driving.

King Long is always pursing more comfortable, enjoyable and comfortable trips.

King Long XMQ6802G EV electric bus series, through redesign of inner top structure, strives to provide wider inner space while ensuring body dimension. Optimized layout of rear shaped top has enlarged rear-row space of bus, making passengers ride more comfortably.

XMQ6802G EV electric bus has improved and optimized complete vehicles, with operable front wall, one-body turnover-type access cover inside and three-segment rear bumper, providing you with exclusive maintenance experience. Optimized arrangement of electrical cabin and battery compartment allows comprehensive maintenance convenience, greatly saving your operation cost and improving operation efficiency.

Technical Specifications of 8m Electric Bus
Seating arrangement 61/10-27,55/10-27,49/10-27
Length(mm) 8005
Width(mm) 2350
Height(mm) 2930, 3080, 3090
Maximum speed(km/h) 69
Maximum climbing degree(%) ≥15
Fuel type EV
Energy storage device type LFP Battery