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8m Electric Bus, XMQ6806 EV

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

 8m Electric Bus, XMQ6806 EV

Each user-friendly design makes the typical shine.
As a product of XMQ6806 EV pure electric multi-functional bus, XMQ6806 has more user-friendly updates in space utilization, interior trimming and driving.

XMQ6806 electric bus is 8m long in body, enabling it to have larger bearing capacity. Meanwhile, elaborate layout of interior space allows seat spacing to reach 720mm at most, far higher than the industrial standard, providing more comfortable and relaxing ride for passengers. Such vehicles can be also provided with optional facilities such as luggage rack and LCD TV, making passengers travel more conveniently and joyfully.

XMQ6806 electric bus's reasonable layout of driver zone, new luxury instrument panel and reasonable arrangement of buttons enable drivers to drive more conveniently and smoothly, providing more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

Many luggage compartments are set under the body, providing convenience in luggage storage. Commercial passenger seats (optional) with design fitting human body make ride more comfortably. Optional luggage rack inside facilitates passengers' storage of luggage; optional TV diversifies your tips; new luxury instrument panel makes driving easy.

Technical Specifications of 8m 24-26 Seat Electric Bus
Seating arrangement 24-26
Length(mm) 8010
Width(mm) 2050
Height(mm) 2810, 2890
Maximum speed(km/h) 100
Maximum climbing degree(%) ≥12
Fuel type EV
Motor type PMSM
Rated power/Peak power 115/150
Energy storage device type LFP Battery