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King Long Smart Workstation

The First Line of Defense

King Long Smart Workstation is a comprehensive management platform for entrance and exit safety, consisting of intelligent detection area and automatic spraying area. It can provide one-stop services, including temperature measurement, mask wearing detection, intelligent attendance checking, spraying and cleaning. The whole process features intelligent operations without contact.

It is suitable for public areas and dense-populated places such as government agencies, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, communities, office buildings, high-speed railway stations, airports and factories.

  • The temperature measurement is not involved in contact, with results displayed in seconds.

    The temperature measurement is not involved in contact, with results displayed in seconds
    King Long Smart Workstation is equipped with a high-precision industrial spectral sensor which is delivered upon calibration by blackbody radiation sources. It can collect information with a distance of 30-50 cm and complete temperature measurement within 0.3s. Its tolerance is not more than 0.3°C. Meanwhile, it can monitor the mask wearing conditions, give audio warnings in case of any abnormality, and automatically take photos and upload them to the service platform.

  • Automatic spraying

    Automatic spraying
    When temperature measurement is performed in the intelligent detection area, the induction cleaner can be used to clean hands simultaneously. The 3D sprayer can automatically spray the users after they enter the 360° atomizing area. Disinfectant can be added as required to clean the human body in all directions. The atomizing area is provided with an air curtain system to effectively prevent the leakage of the spray.

  • Convenient access with intelligent attendance system

    Convenient access with intelligent attendance system
    The intelligent attendance function can be realized in King Long Smart Workstation, and attendance data and detection data can be uploaded to the management platform in real time to form a statistical report. It also supports offline storage of photos of personnel, with a capacity of 100,000 photos, to ensure the safe passage of large-volume personnel.

  • Plug and Play, Convenient and Safe

    Plug and Play, Convenient and Safe
    King Long Smart Workstation adopts modular design and is convenient to transport and assemble. It is equipped with fixed universal wheels which are easy to move, a foldable slope which convenient for access of wheelchairs, 220V/100V AC power, equipped with LED lighting, widely adaptable to different working conditions, a leakage protection system and a lightning surge prevention system to ensure the safety of personnel.

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