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11m Electric Bus, VMQ6111G EV

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

 11m Electric Bus, VMQ6111G EV

As one of the landscapes in a city, XMQ6111G electric buses can make the city more impressive.
As the representative of King Long urban bus, XMQ6111G electric bus has gained popularity among domestic and overseas users since launched in 2008. Also, such products are sold to more than twenty countries and regions, such as Iran, Thailand and Chile. From 2008 to 2016, a total of 30,000 vehicles were sold in the world, making vehicles of the series create a sales record of urban bus in the world and become well-deserved urban buses popular in the world.

Inheriting King Long Bus' excellent DNA of beauty and stability, the bus series undergoes major upgrade in appearance, riding, driving, safety, maintenance and power, providing good driving experience. All models cover four power platforms, with more diversified energy options, meeting customers' different operational requirements.

With beautiful shapes, Adobe Systems XMQ6111G electric bus witness upgrades in appearance details, making vehicles of the series both practical and fashionable. With full-covered cockpit, automatic driving, multi-functional steering wheels, instrument panels, particular warped board buttons plus stable and solid chassis, such vehicles can provide more comfortable and convenient driving. With wide inner space, user-friendly interior details and eco-friendly materials, the vehicles can provide cozy trips for passengers. In addition, comprehensive optimization of electrical structures, front wall, access holes inside and arrangement of electrical harnesses allow easy maintenance of vehicles, saving your operational cost greatly. Aside from that, the vehicles are also provided with 3H high-strength body, birdcage-type structure, cathode electrophoresis of vehicles, "Eco-Chip" new-energy management system and active safety application of King Long smart cloud service platform... Technical power is a strong guarantee for your travel safely. In addition to traditional diesel and NG, the brand-new "City Light" series also provides plugin hybrid and pure electric.

Power of the pure electric vehicle is more stable and durable: dual-power independent power supply system and convenient charging scheme fully improve your operation efficiency. Advanced permanent magnet synchronous motor and high-quality battery realize zero fuel consumption and zero discharge in a real sense. Wide comfortable space: the arrangement design of short rear suspension plus long wheelbase has optimized riding space and improved comfort. Efficient fireproof paint is adopted for parts like hyperbaric chamber and battery cabin, improving fire resistance of vehicles. Battery of pure electric vehicle is placed at the bottom and waterproof level of battery cabin reaches IP67, providing driving safety and large inner space. It is also provided with a cutting-edge design of top-mounted high-voltage component in the industry ensure safety of both vehicles and passengers. Compared with traditional system, four-in-one control system independently developed by King Long is of high component integration, reducing failure rate effectively and providing more convenient repair. International advanced V-shaped development model is adopted, ensuring reliability of the complete vehicle's controller from R&D phase.

Technical Specifications of 11m 10-39 Seat Electric Bus
Seating arrangement 10-39
Length(mm) 10700
Width(mm) 2500
Height(mm) 3070,3120,3230,3300
Maximum speed(km/h) 69
Maximum climbing degree(%) ≥15
Fuel type EV
Motor power 100/200
Energy storage device type LFP Battery