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Apolong GOVO Autonomous Disinfecting Sweeper

Apolong GOVO is based on King Long’s sophisticated technology of autonomous chassis platform. It can realize full-autonomous driving and achieve both cleaning and disinfection functions. It is suitable for crowd gathering places such as industrial parks, parks, campuses, airports, and train station. GOVO can be timed to operate at off-peak hours and return automatically after duty. It is a powerful disinfection tool to ensure the safety of orderly work resumption.

  • Autonomous driving, even better than having a driver
    GOVO has a multi-sensor navigation function. It can automatically sense the surrounding environment and respond intelligently via real-time ranging laser radar, IMU bus body posture measurement and GNSS satellite navigation. GOVO is capable of figuring out directions, avoiding obstacles, making turn as well as going uphill. It takes the garbage and leaves no virus behind.
    GOVO adopts McPherson independent suspension and rear-wheel drive, makes it flexible in avoiding obstacles, turning, and going uphill. It can operate in both in daylight or nighttime, and regardless of sunny or rainy days.

  • Small body huge energy, 6 hours continuous operation
    Apolong GOVO autonomous disinfecting sweeper weighs 650Kg, with a dimension of L2.85m*W1.47m*H1.75m, even smaller than a minicar. Although the body size is small, it has huge energy. GOVO is equipped with 60L large-capacity dustbin and 150L extra large disinfectant tank, so as to realize efficient and long-lasting disinfection and cleaning. Moreover, with a battery capacity up to 6Kwh, GOVO is able to operate 6 hours continuously after one full charge.

    • Intelligent Management,  Plug and Go
  • Sweep and Disinfection Two-in-One, Clear away garbage and Kill off Virus
    ANMO has multiple functions including work attendance check, data upload etc., which avoids the risk of cross infection caused by fingerprint punch-in. It also supports visitor register and allows entry of visitors with pre-appointment through WeChat official account.

  • Intelligent Management, Plug and Go
    GOVO has operation modes including patrol, alarm and path planning. It is equipped with remote management platform, so that several GOVOs can be managed by one person. Rapid deployment, plug and go.

    • Intelligent Management,  Plug and Go
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