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    1. 7-8m Coach, XMQ6706 The XMQ6706 coach is designed for medium and small sized groups and travel agencies.The XMQ6706 coach is one of our most popular coaches. More
    1. 6-7m Coach, XMQ6608 The XMQ6608 coach is a classical coach well received on the market. The special front face makes the XMQ6608 coach look powerful. More
    1. 7-8m Coach, XMQ6800Y The XMQ6800Y coach is 7.995 meters long and it has 31 seats for passengers. An adjustable damping suspension driver seat, MP3 player, etc. are included. More
    1. 7-8m Coach, XMQ6759Y The XMQ6759Y coach is 7.495 meters long, and you can choose 3.337 or 3.237 meters for its height. The front /rear drum brake system ensure the stability of the coach. More
    1. 7-8m Coach, XMQ6728 The coach is designed for use on bad road conditions and is ideal for medium and short distance passenger conveying in villages and towns. More
    1. 8m Coach, XMQ6879Y The coach has the largest side window glass compared with those at same level, provide a comfortable ride and wide vision. More
    1. 8-9m Coach, XMQ6859Y The XMQ6859Y coach is designed with 33 seats, and its length, width and height is 8495mm, 2480mm and 3388mm, respectively, so the passenger capacity is large. More
    1. 8-9m Coach, XMQ6858Y The XMQ6858Y 8-9m coach uses the drum brake system to ensure the safety of the coach. Meanwhile, the coach can be equipped with different models of engines for customers to choose from. More
    1. 8-9m Coach, XMQ6802Y The XMQ6802Y coach uses four engine models to satisfy customer requirements. The coach is very strong and safe. More
    1. 9m Coach, XMQ 6905 With the widened car body and moulded roof in the front and rear, you could feel the spacious space once you step into this coach. More
    1. 12m Coach, XMQ6122CYW2 With eyes-catching appearance and improved structural design, King Long XMQ6122CYW2 luxury coach keeps its excellent performance in job. More
    1. 12-13m Coach, XMQ6129Y5 The XMQ6129Y5 coach is designed with a vehicle height of 4m. It has improved space design and a super-large 10M3 baggage compartment. More
    1. 12-13m Coach, XMQ6128Y The XMQ6128Y coach has 53 seats for passengers. Chinese Yuchai, Hino, Xi'An Cummins, and Dongfeng Cummins engines with different displacements are available. More
    1. 7m Public Transit Bus, XMQ6770G XMQ6770G public transit bus, novel and elegant in vehicle design, has exquisite lines and smooth curves, showing modern aesthetics everywhere. More
    1. 8-9m Public Transit Bus, XMQ6900J The XMQ6900J public transit bus is well-known for its practicality and reliability. It uses a domestic all-gasbag air suspension system, ZF steering system. More
    1. 9m Public Transit Bus, XMQ6940G The streamlined appearance design featuring rounded look adds style and refinement to the nice piece of work. More
    1. 7m Electric Bus, XMQ6706G EV With reasonable layout of interior space, XMQ6706G electric bus can meet the demands for passenger transport in the market. More
    1. 7m Electric Bus, XMQ6706 EV XMQ6706 EV steers well and can effectively cover markets like business reception of governments and enterprises. More
    1. 8m Hybrid Electric Bus, XMQ6850G XMQ6850G hybrid electric bus series with Eco-chip new-energy management system redefines efficient operation for you. More
    1. 8m Electric Bus, XMQ6806 EV As a product of XMQ6806 EV pure electric multi-functional bus, XMQ6806 has more user-friendly updates in space utilization, interior trimming and driving. More
    1. 8m Electric Bus, XMQ6802G EV Brand-new XMQ6802G EV minibus series boasts flexible and diversified models plus four power platforms, providing more options for your operation. More
    1. 8m Hybrid Electric Bus, XMQ6802G Brand-new XMQ6802G Hybrid minibus series boasts flexible and diversified models plus four power platforms, providing more options for your operation. More
    1. 11m Electric Bus, VMQ6111G EV As the representative of King Long urban bus, XMQ6111G electric bus has gained popularity among domestic and overseas users since launched in 2008. More
    1. 11m Hybrid Electric Bus, XMQ6110C King Long passenger vehicle has unveiled XMQ6110C hybrid power inter-city bus. With two vehicle lengths (10m and 11m). More
    1. 10m Electric Bus, XMQ6106G EV As the representative of King Long urban bus, XMQ6106G has gained popularity among domestic and overseas users since launched in 2008. More
    1. 10m Hybrid Electric Bus, XMQ6106G With beautiful shapes, adobe systems XMQ 6106G hybrid electric bus witness upgrades in appearance details, making vehicles. More
    1. 11m Hybrid Electric Bus, XMQ6119G As one of the landscapes in a city, XMQ6119G serial hybrid electric buses can make the city more impressive. More
    1. 6m Electric Bus, XMQ6662G EV Brand-new XMQ 6662G EV electric bus boasts flexible and diversified models plus four power platforms, providing more options for your operation. More
    1. ANMO Intelligent Anti-pandemic Monitoring Workstation ANMO adopts full-process non-contact intelligent operation, which provides smart interconnected all-in-one solutions including body temperature detection, mask wearing detection, disinfection and work attendance check. More
    1. Mercedes-Benz Vito Negative Pressure Ambulance Size:5370x1928x2385 More
    1. Apolong GOVO Autonomous Sweeper Apolong GOVO is based on King Long’s sophisticated technology of autonomous chassis platform. More
    1. 8m Coach, XMQ6871CY This coach bus is equipped with a through luggage compartment whose door has wide opening angles. More
    1. 8m Coach, XMQ6821CY Deluxe instrument desk features brilliant design, great accessibility, easy operations and complete functions. More
    1. 10m Coach, XMQ6996AYW This coach bus has a simple yet elegant body line. The roof-mounted air conditioner is integrated to the car body to reduce the wind resistance and enhance the elegance. More
    1. 8m Public Transit Bus, XMQ6820G With flexible and diverse models, XMQ6820 public transit bus has witnessed improvements and updates in styles of complete vehicles, passenger space and maintenance. More
    1. 9m Public Transit Bus, XMQ6900G The design of XMQ6900G public transit bus is plain rather than simple, as reflected in the fine lines. The smooth body curves contribute dynamics and vividness. More
    1. 12m Public Transit Bus, XMQ6119G The public transit bus features high operation stability, excellent performance, and reasonable internal layout to extend passengers’ standing area. More