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Eco-Chip New Energy Management System

Through the management and control of five aspects like motor running, charging mode, mode intellectual switch, vehicle driving management and control, and safety guarantee of new energy vehicle, with the supporting of 5D (Dual Electricity, Dual Control, Dual Safety, Dual Charge and Dual Mode) value driving system, ECO-Chip allows the management of new energy vehicle to be wiser and more effective.

    1. Perfect configuration of dual motors, delivering low and high performances
      The plug-in hybrid vehicle is equipped with an integrated startup and generation (ISG) motor and a TM driving motor. As for this vehicle model, the permanently-magnetic and synchronous dual-motor structure with high efficiency and large torque can not only prolong the service life of the motor shaft, but also realize startup of the engine with zero fuel consumption, really being fuel-efficient. The pure electric vehicle is equipped with an electromagnetically controlled transmission in addition to a permanently-magnetic and synchronous direct-drive motor with powerful acceleration performance. As for this vehicle model, the dual-motor structure can meet different power requirements under more road conditions.

    1. Dual-control system, ensuring performance of the complete vehicle
      Both the plug-in hybrid vehicle and the pure electric vehicle are equipped with a dual-control system, which consists of a real-time control strategy that can make intelligent identification of the driver's driving intent and a King Long smart cloud service platform, to achieve real-time adjustment and real-time remote monitoring of vehicle states and relevant parameters of high-voltage electric appliances and the battery, such as current, voltage, temperature, insulation resistance and SOC, really making the vehicle be in the state suitable for running.

    1. Quick and slow charge functions, securing long-term operation
      For a plug-in hybrid vehicle, the dual-charge system combining quick and slow charge functions can charge the parked vehicle to full SOC within 1-2 hours in slow charge mode and within 10 minutes in quick charge mode. In addition, the battery can be charged for more than 10,000 cycles and its quality can be guaranteed for 8 years, the same as the service life of the vehicle. For a pure electric vehicle, it is able to customize the battery capacity in addition to the configuration of a dual charge system, which brings greater operation values.

    1. Dual-protection, ensuring driving and riding safety
      For a plug-in hybrid vehicle, the traditional capacitor has been replaced with a multi-component lithium battery, completely avoiding the potential safety hazards during braking due to the undersize capacitor. For both the plug-in hybrid vehicle and the pure electric vehicle, design optimization has been made to isolate the high-voltage components and parts from the passenger compartment. In addition, with the high-voltage based automatic power-off design, the safety hazards that may be caused by collision or accidental burning of the vehicle can be alleviated to a great extent. The dual protection system can really achieve safe and secure operation of the new-energy bus.

    1. Dual-mode intelligent adaption, realizing long-term energy conservation and worry-free prolonging of endurance mileage
      For a plug-in hybrid vehicle, its powerful multi-component lithium battery and dual-motor structure allows it better adapt to various operating conditions to realize efficient energy conservation either in the non-plug-in mode or in the plug-in mode. For a pure electric vehicle, the driver's operating signals can be collected in real time based on the analysis of big data and the real-time and optimized control strategy mode is adopted to ensure lower unit power consumption of the vehicle. In addition, this mode can match with the efficient energy recovery mode of the permanently-magnetic and synchronous motor, realizing dual-mode intelligent adaption. Therefore, the power consumption can be further reduced and the endurance mileage prolonged.