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Following the trend of "Internet plus", King Long focuses on the fusion of in-depth IT & industrialization. It keeps working hard on new energies, telematics and mobile Internet. By relying on the industrial foundation and brand advantage, it has gained in commercial vehicle field, King Long practically pushes forward energy efficiency and facilitates new-energy automobiles to focus the research and development on motorized chassis, light-weight body and intelligent control system. King Long proposed the telematics concept and made practical results. The mammoth telematics database and big data analytic methods form the unique R&D program featuring "new energy+telematics+big data+application model". King Long has upgraded from provider of products to provider of solutions for passenger transport system. In February 2015, King Long passed the review of IT & industrialization combination test firstly in Fujian Province. With the power of technology, King Long keeps changing the public transport.

    1. King Long Intelligent Technologies

      King Long Smart Cloud Service Platform is the combination of innovative technologies and vehicle technologies. The platform is developed on the basis of telematics, cloud computing, automobile electronic technologies, intelligent sensing, voice recognition, automatic control, bus operation expertise system and other advanced technologies and knowledge, which give the vehicle the ability to perceive.

    1. Eco-Chip New Energy Management System

      Through the management and control of five aspects like motor running, charging mode, mode intellectual switch, vehicle driving management and control, and safety guarantee of new energy vehicle, with the supporting of 5D (Dual Electricity, Dual Control, Dual Safety, Dual Charge and Dual Mode) value driving system, ECO-Chip allows the management of new energy vehicle to be wiser and more effective.