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Recommended Bus

    1. KINGTE Minivan Length: 5910
      Width: 1993
      Height: 2435
    1. Kingo Minivan Kingo minivan boasts the integration of the luxury exterior and thoughtful interior. More
    1. Passenger Mini Van The passenger mini van uses a JM491Q-ME engine, whose displacement is 2.237L. More
    1. Ambulance Our ambulance is 5.2 meters long and is equipped with six seats. More
    1. Cargo Van A JM491Q-ME engine is used to offer 76Kw/4600rpm output power. More
    1. Police Van The police van is 5.2 meters long and has two seats. More
    1. Post Van The JM491Q-ME engine uses gasoline as its fuel and the capacity of the tank is 70L. More
    1. Forest Fire Van The forest fire van is 5.2 meters long, including 3.2 meters for the passenger compartment. More
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