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Recommended Bus

    1. KINGTE Minivan Length: 5910
      Width: 1993
      Height: 2435
    1. Kingo Minivan Kingo minivan boasts the integration of the luxury exterior and thoughtful interior. More
    1. Passenger Mini Van The passenger mini van uses a JM491Q-ME engine, whose displacement is 2.237L. More
    1. Ambulance Our ambulance is 5.2 meters long and is equipped with six seats. More
    1. Cargo Van A JM491Q-ME engine is used to offer 76Kw/4600rpm output power. More
    1. Police Van The police van is 5.2 meters long and has two seats. More
    1. Post Van The JM491Q-ME engine uses gasoline as its fuel and the capacity of the tank is 70L. More
    1. Forest Fire Van The forest fire van is 5.2 meters long, including 3.2 meters for the passenger compartment. More
    1. 7-8m Coach, XMQ6798Y A Chinese YC engine with 5.202 L displacement and a Cummins engine with 3.922 L displacement are optional, according to your special requirements. More
    1. 8-9m Coach, XMQ6803Y Equipped with a King Long roof-mounted non-independent air conditioner, the XMQ6803Y coach is able to offer a comfortable environment to passengers. More
    1. 9-10m Coach, XMQ6902Y The XMQ6902Y coach is designed with 37 seats for passengers. With air conditioner, the length of our coach is 9005mm. Chinese Yuchai, Cummins and Hino engines are available. More
    1. 10-11m Coach, XMQ6116Y The XMQ6116Y coach with an air conditioner is 10.96 meters long. Two models of Chinese YUCHAI engines with 7.8L displacement are used to assure the high performance. More
    1. 11-12m Coach, XMQ6119/6119T Dongfeng Cummins CKD C300 20 engine complies with Euro II emission standard, and offers a rated power of 221kw at 2,200 rotations per minute. More
    1. 11-12m Coach, XMQ6118Y The XMQ6118Y coach is a combination of European and Asian style. The structure and vehicle body profile is simplified and makes the coach look gorgeous. More
    1. 11-12m Coach, XMQ6111Y The XMQ6111Y Shortened version has 45 seats and its length is 10.07 meters. It uses a Chinese YUCHAI engine to offer177 kw power at the speed of 2200 rotations per minute. More
    1. 11-12m Coach, XMQ6129P8 We can supply four types of engines for the XMQ6129P8 coach, including Chinese YUCHAI, Chinese Weichai, Xi'An Cummins and Hino engine. More
    1. 11-12m Coach, XMQ6120Y We can supply five models of engines for the XMQ6120Y coach for you to choose from, Chinese Yuchai YC6L330-30, Cummins ISLE+300. More
    1. 12-13m Coach, XMQ6129Y2 The wheelbase of the XMQ6129Y2 is 6m and its length is only 11.95 meters, so the wider space in the coach will make the driver and passengers feel more comfortable. More
    1. 12-13m Coach, XMQ6126Y/6126K The four coach models are equipped with a King Long roof-mounted non-independent air conditioner, K01 type baggage rack (no cover plate), and MP3 audio player. More
    1. 12-13m Coach, XMQ6122Y There are 53 seats for the passengers in the XMQ6122Y coach. Chinese Yuchai, Hino, and Cummins engines, complying with EuroⅢ standard, with different displacements are available. More
    1. 12-13m Coach, XMQ6130Y There are 59 seats for our passengers in our XMQ6130Y coach. Using a Cummins engine, whose emission standard can reach EuroⅤ, our coach is a green one. More
    1. 12-13m Coach, XMQ6129Y8 Through a revolution in interior space design, the coach is upgraded into a one and a half-decker coach, ideal for carrying passengers on express highways. More
    1. 13-18m Coach, XMQ6140Y8 The Longwei XMQ6140Y8 coach is designed and manufactured by King Long independently for the express highway passenger conveying industry. More
    1. 7-8m Public Transit Bus, XMQ6800G With a body length of 8m, the XMQ6800G public transit bus looks gorgeous. The fashion front face is well matched with the graceful back wall design. More
    1. 7-8m Public Transit Bus, XMQ6840G2 The XMQ6840G2 public transit bus features the domestic steering gear steering system and drum brake system, which can improve the security of the public transit bus. More
    1. 8-9m Public Transit Bus, XMQ6891G Inheriting King Long's simple fashion design philosophy, the XMQ6891G public transit bus comes with a novel, streamlined exterior design. More
    1. 10-11m Public Transit Bus, XMQ6110GS The XMQ6110GS public transit bus is a non-step bus. The unique front face design and wide vehicle body make the public transit bus look very attractive. More
    1. 11-12m Public Transit Bus, XMQ6123G The XMQ6123G public transit bus is designed with 32+4+1 seats to suit customers' demands. Thanks to the front/rear drum brake system, the safety of the passenger can be guaranteed. More
    1. 11-12m Public Transit Bus, XMQ6121G The XMQ6121G is a 12m public transit bus with large carrying capacity. The public transit bus has a streamlined body line and smooth edges. More
    1. 18m Public Transit Bus, XMQ6180G1 The XMQ6180G1 18m public transit bus designed for the Bus Rapid Transit system indicates a breakthrough of King Long's development capacity. More
    1. 18m Public Transit Bus, XMQ6181G The XMQ6181G 18m public transit bus designed for the Bus Rapid Transit system indicates a breakthrough of King Long's development capacity. More
    1. 18m Public Transit Bus, XMQ6180GK The XMQ6180GK 18m public transit bus employs a MAN A24 chassis which offers high strength and reliable performance. There are 48 seats for passengers and 6 folding seats. More
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