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12-13m Coach

    1. 12-13m Coach, XMQ6130Y There are 59 seats for our passengers in our XMQ6130Y coach. Using a Cummins engine, whose emission standard can reach EuroⅤ, our coach is a green one. More
    1. 12-13m Coach, XMQ6129Y There are 45 seats for passengers in the XMQ6129Y coach. Chinese Yuchai, Chinese Weichai, Xi'An Cummins, Hino, Chinese Weichai, Cummins engines are available. More
    1. 12-13m Coach, XMQ6129Y2 The wheelbase of the XMQ6129Y2 is 6m and its length is only 11.95 meters, so the wider space in the coach will make the driver and passengers feel more comfortable. More
    1. 12-13m Coach, XMQ6129Y8 Through a revolution in interior space design, the coach is upgraded into a one and a half-decker coach, ideal for carrying passengers on express highways. More
    1. 12-13m Coach, XMQ6129Y5 The XMQ6129Y5 coach is designed with a vehicle height of 4m. It has improved space design and a super-large 10M3 baggage compartment. More
    1. 12-13m Coach, XMQ6128Y The XMQ6128Y coach has 53 seats for passengers. Chinese Yuchai, Hino, Xi'An Cummins, and Dongfeng Cummins engines with different displacements are available. More
    1. 12-13m Coach, XMQ6127Y The coach is 12 meters long and has 53 seats for passengers. Because of the 6350mm wheelbase, there is wider space in the coach, which can ensure a comfortable journey for everyone. More
    1. 12-13m Coach, XMQ6126Y/6126K The four coach models are equipped with a King Long roof-mounted non-independent air conditioner, K01 type baggage rack (no cover plate), and MP3 audio player. More
    1. 12-13m Coach, XMQ6122Y There are 53 seats for the passengers in the XMQ6122Y coach. Chinese Yuchai, Hino, and Cummins engines, complying with EuroⅢ standard, with different displacements are available. More
    1. 12-13m Coach, XMQ6120C The great popularity of satellite towns and suburban tourists brings a new chance for the development for passenger conveying with coach. More
    1. 12m Coach, XMQ6122CYW2 With eyes-catching appearance and improved structural design, King Long XMQ6122CYW2 luxury coach keeps its excellent performance in job. More
    1. 12m Coach, XMQ6125AY XMQ6125AY coach embrace an elegant & fluid shape and stylish & fashionable modeling. XMQ6125AY selected exquisite interior. More

King Long is an experienced coach manufacturer based in China. Besides 12-13m coach, we offer public transit bus, passenger mini van, ambulance, airport bus, etc.

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