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7-8m Coach

    1. 7-8m Coach, XMQ6800Y The XMQ6800Y coach is 7.995 meters long and it has 31 seats for passengers. An adjustable damping suspension driver seat, MP3 player, etc. are included. More
    1. 7-8m Coach, XMQ6771Y The XMQ6771Y coach is designed with a graceful exterior structure and can be well matched with surrounding environments. More
    1. 7-8m Coach, XMQ6759Y The XMQ6759Y coach is 7.495 meters long, and you can choose 3.337 or 3.237 meters for its height. The front /rear drum brake system ensure the stability of the coach. More
    1. 7-8m Coach, XMQ6728 The coach is designed for use on bad road conditions and is ideal for medium and short distance passenger conveying in villages and towns. More

King Long is a professional coach manufacturer based in China. We offer 7-8m coach, public transit bus, passenger mini van, airport bus, post van, and more.

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