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9-10m Coach

    1. 10m Coach, XMQ6101CY This coach is designed to deliver the highest elegance as well as utility. The top-mounted air conditioner is integrated to the car body to reduce the wind resistance ... More
    1. 9-10m Coach,XMQ6900AYW/XMQ6996AYW The headlamps and decorative lamps, crafted with great care, are exquisite and attractive at once. The car body side moldings add aesthetics ... More
    1. 9m Coach, 6911AYW This coach bus is equipped with a through luggage compartment whose door has wide opening angles. More

King Long is one of the largest coach manufacturers based in China. In addition to 9-10m coach, we offer public transit bus, airport bus, forest fire van, police van, and other vehicles.

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