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9-10m Coach

    1. 9-10m Coach, XMQ6900Y Dongfeng Cummins engines with different emission standards are optional. The side windows are made of privacy toughened glass. More
    1. 10-11m Coach, XMQ6996Y The coach comes with a width of 2480mm and is designed with large luggage compartments and a 4-valve engine of various brands. More
    1. 10-11m Coach, XMQ6998Y The XMQ6998Y coach is equipped with a Cummins ISB6.7E3 230B engine which complies with the Euro Ⅲ emission standard, to ensure its good performance. More

King Long is one of the largest coach manufacturers based in China. In addition to 9-10m coach, we offer public transit bus, airport bus, forest fire van, police van, and other vehicles.

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