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Advanced Bus Manufacturing Process

After about 30 years' continuous innovation and accumulation, King Long created unique "King Long Production Mode" in the industry, and enjoyed its reputation in the industry of "leading technology, dedicated craftsmanship, and exquisite quality". The design of bus won the Excellent Prize of China Patent recognized by UN Intellectual Property Right Organization. XMQ6129 obtained so-called "Oscar of Design in China"--"China Red Star Award". King Long has a well developed bus production line in China and internationally advanced professional production equipments and processes, such as complete vehicle cathode electrophoresis, 3H high strength steel full-monocoque body, laser cutting, skinning hydraulic pull up and robot welding. The production organization and process design take the advantage of IE (Industrial Engineering) management technology. Not only its production efficiency takes the lead in the industry, it also ensures the quality of production process.

  • Complete Vehicle Cathode Electrophoresis
  • 3H High strength steel full-monocoque body
  • Robot welding
  • Dust Smoke Detection
  • Laser Cutting
  • Skinning Hydraulic Pull Up
  • Strong Ray Room Identification Defect Inspection
  • Four-wheel Alignment
Five workshops for large and medium buses
  • Assembly Workshop for Large and Medium Buses
    1. Electrophoresis Workshop for Large and Medium Buses
    2. Coating Workshop for Large and Medium Buses
  • Chassis Workshop for Large and Medium Buses
  • Welding Workshop for Large and Medium Buses
FIVE workshops for van
  • Stamping Workshop for Van
  • Welding Workshop for Van
  • Assembly Workshop for Van
  • Coating Workshop for Van
  • Electrophoresis Workshop for Van