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Vigorous Talent Input

After nearly 3 decades of development and accumulation, King Long has gathered many senior talents in R&D, production, sales and service, etc.
By taking the HR philosophy featuring "respect, cultivate and serve people", King Long has made well-developed education & training system. Based on employee hierarchy and corporate operation strategy, King Long makes annual training program for its employees. By combining the excellent internal lecturers and quality external resources, King Long, on a regular basis, provides diverse training courses on management skills, professional skills, general skills and pre-post training for its employees. Together with rational and diverse evaluation & appraisal means, these training courses lay the foundation for the growth and development of employees. Meanwhile, King Long also establishes the online study platform providing more than 3,000 courses on technologies, management and learning tools, helps employees leverage their spare time for self improvement, assists them rapidly grow into the high quality talents in their respective fields.