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8-9m Coach

    1. 8-9m Coach, XMQ6858Y The XMQ6858Y 8-9m coach uses the drum brake system to ensure the safety of the coach. Meanwhile, the coach can be equipped with different models of engines for customers to choose from. More
    1. 8-9m Coach, XMQ6859Y The XMQ6859Y coach is designed with 33 seats, and its length, width and height is 8495mm, 2480mm and 3388mm, respectively, so the passenger capacity is large. More
    1. 8-9m Coach, XMQ6802Y The XMQ6802Y coach uses four engine models to satisfy customer requirements. The coach is very strong and safe. More
    1. 8-9m Coach, XMQ6803Y Equipped with a King Long roof-mounted non-independent air conditioner, the XMQ6803Y coach is able to offer a comfortable environment to passengers. More
    1. 8m Coach, XMQ6871CY The XMQ6800Y coach is 7.995 meters long and it has 31 seats for passengers. An adjustable damping suspension driver seat, MP3 player, etc. are included. More
    1. 8m Coach, XMQ6821CY A Chinese YC engine with 5.202 L displacement and a Cummins engine with 3.922 L displacement are optional, according to your special requirements. More
    1. 8m Coach, XMQ6898Y With the widened car body and moulded roof in the front and rear, you could feel the spacious space once you step into this coach. More
    1. 8m Coach, XMQ6879Y The coach has the largest side window glass compared with those at same level, provide a comfortable ride and wide vision. More
    1. 9m Coach, XMQ6901AY The air purifier and the NVH noise-reduction system bring about a calmer riding environment for your enjoyment of pleasant journey. More

King Long is a professional coach manufacturer based in China. We offer 8-9m coach, airport bus, police van, public transit bus, etc.

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