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New Energy Technological Innovation

King Long has insisted in research and development of new energy vehicles for about 20 years.

Aiming to transcend the standards of passenger vehicle, King Long new energy vehicle technology research center adopts electrical control system V research and development mode that is geared to international standards, and initiates independent research and development in five technological cores of new energy bus, including engine system, power battery system, electric engine driving system, electrical accessory system and complete vehicle control system. In 2014, King Long new energy technological innovation bore fruits independently developed ISG plug-in hybrid electric bus, which complies with current status of bus transit allocation and operation.

King Long continuously expands investment, improves experiments, tests and R&D conditions of new energy vehicles, strengthening safety quality of new energy products. A variety of independent R&D technologies such as King Long Smart Cloud Service Platform and ECO-Chip new energy management system realize effective and intelligent operation of new energy bus through of supervision and data sharing.

  • New Energy Vehicles Test
  • Complete Vehicles Road Test
  • NVH & CAE Test
  • Performance Test on Parts and Components
  • Vibration and Durability Test of the Assembly Parts and Components by Road Simulation
  • Durability Test of the Whole Vehicle by Road Simulation
  • Chassis Dynamometer Test
  • Bench Test of Power Chain
  • Power Battery Test