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11-12m Coach

    1. 12-13m Coach, XMQ6129Y There are 45 seats for passengers in the XMQ6129Y coach. Chinese Yuchai, Chinese Weichai, Xi'An Cummins, Hino, Chinese Weichai, Cummins engines are available. More
    1. 12-13m Coach, XMQ6120C The great popularity of satellite towns and suburban tourists brings a new chance for the development for passenger conveying with coach. More
    1. 11m Coach, XMQ6118AYW XMQ6118AYW has the merits of a luxury coach and a minibus. XMQ6118Y is 11.5m long on the whole. More

King Long is a professional coach manufacturer based in China. We offer 11-12m coach, mini van, special bus, public transit bus, and more.

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