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11-12m Coach

    1. 12m Coach, XMQ6127DYW01 This coach is designed with a brand-new appearance styling. The thickened cowl panel has smooth profile. More
    1. 12m Coach, XMQ6128AYW The full-screen front windshields extend the field of view and improve the car aesthetics. More
    1. 12m Coach, XMQ6125AY King Long 12m coach comes with unparalleled quality and outstanding cost-effectiveness, featuring excellent riding comfort, travelling safety, operating economy ... More
    1. 12m Coach, XMQ6120BSW The coach bus comes with great elegance, dynamic vigor and modern styling designed with streamline body and exquisite head and tail lamps. More
    1. 12m Coach, XMQ6120ASS The coach bus employs full-screen front windshield to add elegance and aesthetics. More
    1. 12m Coach, XMQ6122CYW2 With eyes-catching appearance and improved structural design, King Long XMQ6122CYW2 luxury coach keeps its excellent ... More

King Long is a professional coach manufacturer based in China. We offer 11-12m coach, mini van, special bus, public transit bus, and more.

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