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10-11m Coach

    1. 10m Coach, XMQ6105AY King Long 10m 44 seats coach comes with unparalleled quality and outstanding cost-effectiveness ... More
    1. 10m Coach, XMQ6110C The coach offers passengers and drivers a comfortable and efficient ride with upgraded appearance, spatial layout ... More
    1. 10m Coach, XMQ6102AYW Deluxe instrument desk features brilliant design, optimized instrument layout, great accessibility, easy operations and complete functions. More
    1. 11m Coach, XMQ6112AY XMQ6112AY series large coaches have elegant appearance. The modern design on the side body adds some dynamic effects ... More

King Long is a professional coach manufacturer based in China. Apart from 10-11m coach, we supply special bus, public transit bus, mini van, and more.

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