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King Long has continuously conducted exploration in technological research and development, new energy technological innovation, manufacturing process, quality management and talent development, and has established State Approved King Long Engineering Research Institute and New Energy Bus Technology Test Center in the industry. Several Independent R&D results such as King Long Smart Cloud Service Platform, Smart Go and ECO-Chip will create more impressive move for you.

    1. Bus Engineering Technological Research Institute

      King Long Engineering Research Institute is recognized as the talent highland of Haixi ( the West Coast of Taiwan Strait ), possessing state-approved enterprise technological research institute, national-level test center and post-doctoral research center.

    1. New Energy Technological Innovation

      Aiming to transcend the standards of passenger vehicle, King Long new energy vehicle technology research center adopts electrical control system V research and development mode that is geared to international standards, and initiates independent research and development in five technological cores of new energy bus, including engine system, power battery system, electric engine driving system, electrical accessory system and complete vehicle control system.

    1. Advanced Bus Manufacturing Process

      After about 30 years' continuous innovation and accumulation, King Long created unique "King Long Production Mode" in the industry, and enjoyed its reputation in the industry of "leading technology, dedicated craftsmanship, and exquisite quality".

    1. Stringent Quality Control

      King Long has advanced facility and equipment, such as special test track, automotive vehicle inspection line and physicochemical laboratory. King Long continuously implement TQM (Total Quality Management), guided by the philosophy of "with quality management as the center, with full employee participation as the foundation, with customer satisfaction as the objective".

    1. Vigorous Talent Input

      By taking the HR philosophy featuring "respect, cultivate and serve people", King Long has made well-developed education & training system. Based on employee hierarchy and corporate operation strategy, King Long makes annual training program for its employees. By combining the excellent internal lecturers and quality external resources, King Long, on a regular basis, provides diverse training courses on management skills, professional skills, general skills and pre-post training for its employees.