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Kingo Chiller & Freezer Van

Kingo Chiller & Freezer Van

Kingo chiller & freezer van can maintain a temperature range of -18℃ to 18℃, making it ideal for transporting a range of products either chilled or frozen.

Technical Specifications
Length×Width×Height (mm)5470×1885×2285
Wheelbase (mm)3110
Seats No.6-9, 10-14
Body StructureMonocoque body
Displacement (L)2.4, 2.7, 2.5, 3.0
Max Power (kW/rpm)102/4600-5000, 110/4800, 85/3800, 110/3400
Max Torque (N·m/rpm)217/2600-3200, 245/3600
SuspensionFront Macpherson independent suspension, rear leaf spring
Brake SystemFront disc/Rear drum
Assistant Braking SystemABS+EBD
Main Technical Parameter
Inner size of cooling compartmentAbout 3100*1560*1440mm
thickness of compartment wall80mm
temperature in cooling compartment-10~18℃
Environmental temperature+38℃
Volume of cooling compartmentAbout 6.96m3
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